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      Sheila Gallagher
       1)  please try to read the three following short pieces (each between one and two thousand words) for some good examples of 68 events in Paris and USA
      a)  1968: Power to Imagination
      b) Interview with Sartre
      c)  Aquarius Rising
      2) please at least dip into Sartre’s ‘Existentialism and Humanism’ and the two De Beauvoir extracts – as I will be concentrating on these (esp Sartre) in the first major part of our lecture
      3) Try to read Julian Bourg’ s extracts – esp the Introduction which provides an excellent and very accessible background to May 68 in Paris. The author will be visiting my second class  (Oct 31) for a conversation about his book; but do dive in now if you can as it is a very useful historical-intellectual contextualising of the philosophies of ’68.
      4) Have a glance at Godard’s movie, ‘Breathless’ (for English subtitles press cc at bottom of screen) which we will be discussing in Part 2 of class, along with some other fun clips of the New Wave (Nouvelle Vague) of French and European cinema in the 60s.
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