November 9 Categories: History

Yale University, after 267 years, decides to admit female undergraduates, beginning  in 1969.


Yale President Kingman Brewster announced yesterday that Yale will become coeducational in September 1969.

The announcement came shortly after the Yale faculty approved with only one dissenting vote a plan to admit 250 freshman women plus 250 upperclass women by transfer. Eventually 1500 women will be admitted in addition to the 4000 male students.

Yale has promised to encourage and help students find off-campus housing to ease the overcrowding. The university hopes to raise $55 million in additional endowment to provide for the increased cost.

Housing arrangements for the new students remained indefinite, however, because angry students persuaded Brewster late last night to change the original plan. Brewster had promised that any coeducational proposal would not unduly inconvenience any present Yale students.